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टैक्स शामिल। शिपिंग की गणना चेकआउट के समय की जाती है
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YumGuard Puree Star Cat Treat Tuna with Pineapple 85g

$7.99 AUD
टैक्स और देय राशि शामिल है चेकआउट के समय भाड़ा शुल्क की गणना करें
Indulge your cat with YumGuard's Puree Star Tuna with Pineapple - a delicious and nutritious snack rich in essential vitamins and minerals, including the renowned Chlorella growth factor for healthy tissue growth and repair. With its smooth texture and rich flavour, your feline friend will enjoy every bite. Ingredients: Tuna, potato, pineapple, glycine, chlorella powder, sunflower seed oil, tuna oil, xylose, taurine, vitamin E. Feeding Guide: Intended for occasional or supplemental feeding. Ensure that your cat has daily access to fresh, clean water. Adjust total daily food intake accordingly.

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