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Plush Puppy OMG grooming spray 500ml

$28.50 AUD
टैक्स और देय राशि शामिल है चेकआउट के समय भाड़ा शुल्क की गणना करें
Plush Puppy OMG Ready-to-Use Grooming Spray Description: The star product in daily grooming, formulated to repel dirt, detangle knots, and enhance brushing. Features: Ready-to-use without dilution, maintaining Plush Puppy's renowned quality. Benefits: Smooths, detangles, softens, and improves coat shine. Contains heat protectant and de-frizzes coat while speeding up drying time. Effectiveness: Eliminates knots and tangles without buildup, water-soluble. Why OMG?: A miracle in a bottle, delivering exceptional results. Available Forms: Ready-to-use or concentrated formulation. Suitable for: All coat colors and types, including shorter coats. Directions: Lightly mist over desired coat areas before and during brushing. Ideal for knots and tangles, perfect for short coats.

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