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Plush Puppy Natural All Purpose Shampoo with Henna

$53.00 AUD
टैक्स और देय राशि शामिल है चेकआउट के समय भाड़ा शुल्क की गणना करें
Plush Puppy Natural All Purpose Shampoo with Henna Description: Known as the shine shampoo, enriched with natural Henna stalk extracts for a beautiful gloss and shine. Derived From: Organic sources featuring Alpine and Lichen herbs, blended into a concentrated formula for effective grooming results. Ideal For: All breeds, particularly suitable for normal to slightly dehydrated coats. Effective On: Short-coated breeds like Weimaraners, Bulldogs, and Rottweilers, enhancing shine without softening the coat. Suitable for: Breeds requiring texture retention, such as Akitas, Siberians, and Shelties. Benefits: Increases shine and gloss with minimal impact on coat texture. Directions: Wet coat thoroughly, apply shampoo, massage to a lather, then rinse thoroughly. Dilution Rate: 1:5 (1 part shampoo to 5 parts water); can be diluted 1:10 for maintenance. For use at: Home, Salon Bath, Hydrobath.

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