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Plush Puppy Natural Body Building Shampoo Volume Increasing

$52.00 AUD
टैक्स और देय राशि शामिल है चेकआउट के समय भाड़ा शुल्क की गणना करें
Plush Puppy Body Building Shampoo Description: Shampoo for dogs requiring a fuller and thicker coat. Formulation: Formulated using organic sources, bolstered by Wheat Protein and Wheat Starch with D Panthenol and Lichen extract. Purpose: Provides the appearance of a thicker and fuller coat. Can be used on the entire dog or selectively on areas needing extra lift or body. Ideal for: Full-coated breeds such as Poodles, Old English, and double-coated breeds post-shedding like Malamutes, Samoyeds. Effect: Does not flatten or soften the coat, improves overall volume, and adds texture and crispness to all coats. Directions: Wet coat thoroughly, apply shampoo, massage until it lathers, then rinse thoroughly. Dilution Rate: 1:5 (1 part shampoo to 5 parts water). Usage: Suitable for home use, salon baths, and hydrobaths.

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