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Plush Puppy Wonder Wash 500ml

$23.00 AUD
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Plush Puppy Wonder Wash Description: A quick self-rinsing bathing alternative solution for emergencies. Purpose: Ideal for quick and easy clean-ups without the need for a complete bath, particularly useful for ringside mishaps. Benefits: Cleans, whitens, and brightens problem areas on all coat types. Features: Contains optical brighteners, fresh apple fragrance, and violet tone. Not designed as an all-over shampoo but to clean, whiten, and brighten or add zing to all coats without bleaching. Suitable for: All breed and coat types, perfect for emergency situations where regular shampooing and rinsing are not feasible. Directions: Shake well, spray onto coat where needed, massage to a lather, towel dry against the growth of the coat, DO NOT RINSE, then dry.

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