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Big Dog Active Raw Diet Bulk Roll 2kg

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Description Big Dog Pet Foods Active 2kg rolls are perfect for multi-dog households or bigger breeds who need a generous supply of Big Dog goodness. Made with a blend of proteins from RSPCA approved chicken, fresh Tasmanian Salmon and Australian beef, this high-energy recipe is designed for active and working dogs. Packed with nutrient-dense seasonal fruits and veggies, along with Big Dog's special ingredients like cold-pressed ground flaxseed, whole eggs, goats whey, kelp, and sprouted wheatgrass, it provides everything your dog needs for optimal health and nutrition support. • Mixed protein recipe! Maximum convenience for you; maximum nutrition for your dog - no synthetic nutrition necessary. • RSPCA-approved chicken, Ocean-fresh Tasmanian salmon and Aussie beef. Vareity made convenient. • All-natural nutrition from fresh, seasonal whole foods. ‍ Naturally high in fat and specifically formulated for active and/or working adult dogs. Not recommended for puppies due to their nutritional development needs. ‍ Ingredients Chicken (meat, crushed bone & cartilage), Tasmanian salmon, beef (meat, liver, kidney), seasonal fruit & vegetables (apple, carrots, lettuce, celery, green beans, broccoli, orange, strawberries, blueberries), whole chicken egg, cold pressed ground flaxseed, wheatgrass, goats whey, kelp, organic fulvic acid.

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