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Kangaroo Wild Harvest Diced Meat

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* Low in Fat * High in Protein * Roo Meat contains macro and micro nutrients * Preferred choice of protein for pets with allergies. Why is our premium grade human grade Roo wanted by many pet owners? Our chosen of free range Kangaroo is the finest Grey Male Kangaroo from selected areas in the Central and Southern areas of Australia. These areas are dominated by trees and shrubs where the roo graze on natural vegetation such as coarse grass, leaves, tree bark and shrubby browes. DID YOU KNOW? Only 4 species of kangaroo are permitted for commercial harvesting (red kangaroo, eastern grey kangaroo, western grey kangaroo and common wallaroo). None of these are listed by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) as endangered or threatened with extinction
Kangaroo Wild Harvest Diced Meat-Peti Kangaroo Wild Harvest Diced Meat-Peti

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