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Dog Wet Food

Natural Wet Dog Food Suppliers Available Online & For Delivery Across Australia

A sure-fire way to keep your pup’s tail wagging is to provide them with a consistent, healthy and well-balanced diet. And what better meal to give them on a regular basis then the mouth-watering, meaty delights found in natural, wet dog food, now online from Peti and available for delivery across Australia.

We are suppliers committed to taking the heavy lifting out of your weekly shopping for pet food, creating a convenient, online destination that has everything you and your pooch could ever need. Our team ensures we only source the finest of products from well-respected brands, guaranteeing not only delicious meals, but those that are also highly nutritious. For more information on our selection or delivery services, contact us at Peti today and we will be happy to help.


Keep Your Canine Companion Hydrated with Natural Wet Dog Food

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes. Whether yours is the type to enjoy their days sleeping next to you on the couch, or charging about the local park playing fetch, one thing many have in common is failing to receive their daily water intake needs, risking the development of dehydration. This can cause a range of negative effects, such as increased lethargy, heavy panting, loss of skin elasticity, and span into more serious issues that may require medical attention.

Which is why including wet dog food as part of their diet is so essential. It holds all of the nutrients and vitamins needed for proper fuel and to aid in growth and muscle repair, as well as containing less carbohydrates in place of larger protein contents to aid in preventing weight gain. Peti’s range includes options for every taste, such as ZIWI Peak Wet Otago Valley, East Cape, Hauraki, Venison and more recipes created especially for dogs, ideal for those who may have grown slightly overweight, suffer from constipation, or simply need new options to mix up a weekly, balanced diet. As online suppliers, we can offer fast, affordable, and efficient delivery of wet dog food to clear more free time in your busy schedule, without compromising on the quality of meals received by your furry friend.

Natural Wet Dog Food For a Balanced Diet

Naturally wet dog food is now available for purchase online from trusted suppliers. Great for customers who are on the go with their business, this natural wet dog food is hand-made in Australia and designed to be easily prepared. Made of high-quality ingredients with high protein content, it's perfect for your pup in a balanced diet alongside raw dog food, dry dog food, and dog treats! Contact us today to learn more.

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