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Cat Wet Food

Australia’s Preferred Suppliers of Wet Cat Food Online

Every cat owner wants the best for their furry friend. Whether you rescue them at a senior age, or have them as part of your family ever since they were a fresh kitten, it is our responsibility to provide the proper protection and care they need to thrive. Maintaining a healthy, balanced diet is one of these key responsibilities, and at Peti, we are trying to make that very job easier for families across Australia.

We are online suppliers of wet cat food that is created using the finest of ingredients from some of the world’s most respected brands. Wet cat food is an excellent way to add some delicious variety into your pet’s diet, while simultaneously increasing the amount of water they are consuming on an ongoing basis, promoting better kidney and bladder health.


Benefits of Wet Food in Your Cat’s Balanced Diet

While often proving to be picky eaters, cats are also known for failing to consume their daily recommended dose of water, placing them at risk of dehydration. There are varying degrees of symptoms experienced during dehydration, beginning with a loss of energy, irritability, and heavy panting, progressing to more serious issues, including risks of organ failure.

Wet cat food is excellent to maintain hydration, with some options available constituting of 80% water. It also includes a variety of essential nutrients needed to meet their energy needs and maintain and repair organs and muscle tissue, such as minerals, vitamins, fatty acids, amino acids, and much more.

Peti are online suppliers of wet cat food available to families throughout Australia, with options including ZIWI Peak Wet Venison, Hoki, Rabbit & Lamb and more recipes made available specifically for cats. Our selection is excellent for those feline friends who may experience frequent urinary tract diseases, constipation or are a little overweight, as well as for owners looking to provide a balanced diet to promote the overall health and wellbeing of their cats.

Learn More About Our Wet Cat Food Available for Delivery

A nutritional balance for your cat is just as important as it is for us as human. Alongside our selection of we cat food available online across Australia, Peti are also suppliers of dry cat food, raw cat food, and selection of healthy, tasty cat treats. Speak with us at Peti today to learn more.

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