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Raw Cat Food

Australia’s Preferred Suppliers of Raw Cat Food Online Available for Delivery

A lot of what common household cats eat today are filled with elements and fillers that are either simply unneeded, or even harmful, such as fillers, additives and preservatives, which is why owners should consider sourcing raw cat food from trusted suppliers that understand the essential vitamins and minerals required for optimal health.

Here at Peti, we are an online pet food suppliers and delivery company created to offer a convenient, one-stop location for loving pet owners throughout Sydney, Canberra and wider Australia. We stock the most extensive range of raw cat food available online and for delivery from some of the leading brands in the industry, including BIG DOG, Organic Paws, and Proudi. Browse our selection or learn more by contacting a member of our friendly team today.


Benefits of Introducing Raw Food Into Your Cat’s Diet

Pet owners often mistake their cat’s diets with their own. We cannot as humans properly digest raw foods, given the risk of pathogens and contaminants present, leaving us to consider it a poor dietary option for our cats, too, but this is furthest from the truth. Cats can digest raw foods far more effectively due to their higher acidity in digestive tracts, meaning pathogens we may find harmful will simply pass through without concern. With proper preparation and delivery of raw cat food from reliable suppliers, your cat can find a balanced diet for your beloved pet.

Raw food holds benefits for kittens, full-grown, and even senior cats. It is more digestible, with their bodies consuming more of the nutrients and materials for growth, repair, fuel, and vitality. Given the amount of protein present in raw cat food, and how it is very filling, you might also notice less signs of hunger in your pet, satisfying picky eaters or greedy cats who are known to always ask for seconds, as well as staving off the potential of obesity. And the benefits just continue, such as sporting healthier coats, enjoying higher energy levels, developing stronger teeth, and much more.

Contact Us at Peti for More Information on Our Online Selection of Raw Cat Food Available for Delivery

For more information on our selection of raw cat food available from Peti, about the suppliers we work with, or our delivery services throughout Sydney, Canberra and wider Australia, please contact us today by leaving your preferred details on our online enquiry form. We also offer a wet cat food, dry cat food, and cat treats, alongside a range of grooming and health products.

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