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Why raw?

22. Mär 2022 Duncan Tee
Why raw?-Peti

Why Raw?

While the human diet has been evolving to cater more and more for organic and
vegan preferences, food options have also been evolving for our best furry friends. 

Why should humans have all the fun?
One of these increasingly popular diet options for pets is called raw feeding and we
are here to tell you all about it.

What is raw feeding?
Raw feeding involves feeding dogs and cats raw meat, edible bones and organs.
Some other animals are also suited to this type of diet too. 

Benefits of raw feeding
Great for gut health
Raw pet food can greatly improve the functioning of your pet’s digestive and immune
system. It is also known to reduce inflammatory conditions and cure infections.

What could be more nutritious than natural, quality food free from harsh chemicals?
Raw pet food is also unprocessed which means nutrients aren’t destroyed and areeasier to digest.

Weight loss
Like humans, pet obesity can cause a range of health conditions that are harmful for
your pet, expensive to treat and time consuming to manage.
Raw pet food is known to decrease body fat as it has fewer calories than other types of pet food on the market. Quantity is always a key factor in the reduction of weight as well. Therefore the combination of a raw food diet, given in the right quantities, will have a noticeable effect on your pet’s body mass.

Mobility and arthritis
A leaner body weight promotes greater mobility for pets. Decreasing pressure on joints and bones, a leaner animal will be noticeably more agile and mobile. 
Raw pet food is also known to help arthritis as it is lower in carbohydrates.
Healthier skin and shinier coat

A pets shiny coat is a result of healthy skin. Healthier skin also means healthier hair follicles which results in less shedding of pet hair.
Skin is an organ that is impacted by diet. Many skin conditions are the result of
inflammation and allergic reaction to something in the pet’s environment or diet.
Raw pet food contains a range of vital nutrients, such as omega fatty acids and
amino acids to support healthy skin.

Stronger teeth and gums
Raw pet food will be the best thing to happen for the dental health of your pet. The eating of raw bones provides natural cleaning for the whole mouth including teeth and gums. The added calcium also helps to strengthen teeth. It is recommended to feed bones to pets under supervision. 
Improved mood and behaviour
Who doesn’t feel better when they are fit and healthy? Improved energy levels, better
mobility and a diet of delicious food can result in noticeable improvement in the mood
and behaviour of pets.

Common concerns about raw feeding
Dosage and balance
It is important to learn about the correct amount of raw food to feed to your pet and
how to provide a balanced raw food diet.
The recommended dosage will vary depending on the size and age of your pet. The friendly team at Peti will be happy to assist in assessing the correct amounts for your pet.

Sharp bones
It is recommended to feed raw bones to pets under supervision. Raw bones offer great benefits for pets including teeth cleaning and fresher breath.
Don’t feed your pets cooked bones as they can splinter and be harmful.
The size of your pet can help determine the size of the raw bones they should be fed.

For example, cats are more suited to eat raw chicken bones. 
Speak to a professional, such as a member of our team at Peti, to determine the right
way to feed raw bones to your pet.

Any pet food has the potential of carrying harmful bacteria. Correct preparation,
packaging, storing and serving are key to reducing associated risks.

Remember that animals are built to eat raw foods. In the wild they cannot cook their
food prior to eating. 
Any questions?
Would you like to learn more about the benefits of raw feeding? Our friendly team are
experts and are happy to answer any questions you may have.
Peti offers a range of quality raw food products and other pet supplies.
View our website and you can also stay up to date with us on Facebook and

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